Who’s Foolin’ Who?

It seems a lot of people are getting involved with pyramid schemes (AKA Multi Level Marketing – MLM) these days. I’ve been approached by multiple people wanting me to join their “brand, new, fabulous business opportunity”. I’ve been told that “it’s not a pyramid, it’s a circle” so many times now it’s ridiculous. Don’t they realize their expanding “circle” is just looking at the pyramid from the pointed top rather than the flat side? Just sayin’.


Anyways, I’ve noticed that all the high sellers and creators of the schemes are very charismatic. The more outgoing, talkative and inventive the person is, the higher the multi-million dollar profits their company makes. I’ve heard speakers before with varying degrees of success. Some have even made me want to join. I’ve always been smart enough to take a day away to clear my head before jumping in to join the bandwagon. I admit to being caught once in a cookie cutter scheme. Fortunately, I only lost $25, not a few hundred – or thousand, as some poor souls have.

Is that a wolf at the top? Nope, just the Almighty Dollar.

I wonder if people realize just how many friends they lose by pushing their products and their “join under me’s” ad nauseum.

So many of them have such excitement when they first start! They are all fired up and gung ho, ready to go. They’ve heard the praising, the promises, the miracles and they see stars and dollar signs. It seems so easy – maybe too easy? – to be making thousands within months of joining by just “getting two people to sign under you”. They don’t seem to realize that the only time pyramids make their big money is within the first couple of years. And even so, there is only ONE person at the top of the pyramid and the wider the base (those believing souls buying in “under” someone else), the more millions or billions that one person is making. In other words, the closer you are to the guy who invented this “fantastic new product” (or info or whatever), the more money you make. Sure, Amway is still around. Has been for years. And people are STILL signing into it at $200 plus. Are they making money? A little, I’m sure. But enough to retire on and live like a millionaire… not so much. Those are the people who do all the work while the creators of the company drive their Porsches and vacation in the Bahamas.

Who Me?

Every year another scam comes out. Another new “idea”. Another new product. Another new “secret”. And every year, more people waste their time and money making someone else rich. They aren’t going to hand their money down to you. They’ve done their work. Convincing you to sign on under them. Can you say Rich Dad, Poor Dad? How about Herbalife, Amsoil, Isagenix, Freelife, Watkins? The list goes on. Even MaryKay, Partylite, Pampered Chef and Avon all have people who are signed on under people. I have bought items from those last four but not bought into the company. Sometimes  I buy because I like the products and sometimes because I’m helping out friends. Honestly, with the exception of Partylite, I wouldn’t miss any of them.


And please, PLEASE, don’t ask me to join your fabulous new company or try out your fabulous new product that I can get a better deal on if I sign up under you. If I’m dumb enough to spend money to work for you, I may as well just hand it to the guy at the top.

See ya!

Maybe he’ll let me drive his Porsche.


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    Ken Durocher said,

    There’s no such thing as ‘Get rich quick’ and there is no reward without work, plenty of hard work usually. If it sounds “too good to be true” it is!

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