I found this in one of my journals and I liked it, so I thought I would share it with you…

I’m in the woods again. This time at the Provincial Park. I walked down one of the hiking paths (the biking path?) by the boat launch. Walked to the “Gateway”, two pine trees, one on each side of the path – looks like a secret gateway to Fairyland. Oh, to believe in magic again! There is a clump of big old birches beside one of them – hugging trees. Soft bark, like soft skin. So I hugged a big, old Sweetheart of a tree for awhile and listened to the leaves fall and the geese splash in the lake. Now I’m partway back sitting on a cut log that looks like a couch and the stump beside it a chair with a low back. I feel so peaceful here. I wonder if I stepped through the Gateway if it would be Spring on the other side?   …

The dead leaves are like a carpet on the ground, the falling ones are trying to cover me like a blanket. I belong to the forest. I like it here, hidden away, just me and my pen and my thoughts of you. You poor, enchained, enchanted creature locked inside your cell with walls all around you. I wish I could somehow share all this spectacular beauty and freedom with you.

Come and sit beside me and inhale the scent of leaves and trees and water and sweetness. Close your eyes and listen to the trembling of the wind, the lapping of waves. Watch the leaves gracefully float down to snuggle at your feet. See the bluest blue of the sky stretching away to the sunshine. Let it wash away your stress and anxiety. Breathe in the air of freedom. Run away to Fairyland with me and be free of earthly cares and woes. Find a diamond in a piece of rock. Touch your fingers to the tickly moss. Kiss the smooth bark of my Sweetheart tree. Let the fairies clothe you in spider’s gossamer web and give you sweet wine to drink and angelic food to eat. Come hold my hand and share my soul. Can you feel it?

Lay down beside me on a bed of bracken and sleep the sleep of the innocent child. Let the wind carry your dreams up to the stars, away to the Fairy Queen who makes them all come true in her wisdom and power. Soar on wings of silver to my waiting arms. I’ll wait for you at the Gateway…


Fall Path


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    Ken Durocher said,

    Very whimsical indeed! Keep on writing.

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