Winged Musings

There is a flock of birds in the tree in my front yard. They are diving through the riotously waving branches. They do this every year. It seems to be one of their last stops before flying south for the winter. Watching their acrobatic dance, both tree and birds, I can’t help but wish I didn’t have to say goodbye to them and the greenery of summer so soon. They are very pretty little birds – Cedar Waxwings – with their peachy brown bodies, black bandit masks, feathery crests and neon yellow dipped tails. They older ones have lovely crimson bits along their wings. They flap and flit and chirp at each other. Sometimes one will attempt to snatch the berry from the busy one that fetched it from the neighbour’s abundantly replete bushes. The berries are still plump this year from the warm weather (for October in northern Alberta) we’ve still had. Usually, berries are dried up, hard, little ‘raisins’ hanging forlornly from stark, frozen limbs.

Cedar Waxwing

The waxwings have been feasting for, at least, an hour. Whether they come again tomorrow or whether they fly away into the mysteries of the sky along with the other winged migrants, I don’t know. I gaze out the window at their banter and wish for wings to join them. How amazing it would be to feel the wind ruffle my feathers, to feel it support me while I soared and skimmed and danced on air! To fly was always my secret wish as a child. Imagine what I could see from so high up in that brilliant blue…

And then, suddenly, they are gone. A swirl of color and brilliance, they whirl away over the houses and into the woods. Their cheerful spectacle a fading memory to remind me throughout the long winter that spring will someday come again.


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  1. 1

    Ken Durocher said,

    Sometimes an early frost will cause those berries to ferment and then you will see your birds flying drunk which is very strange.

  2. 2

    purrrkitten said,

    Ahahaha… it’s funny to watch them like that! 😀

    Except when they crash into the windows. Then not so much… 😦

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