Naked Pictures!?!?!?!

Beautiful at any size

So here I am again. I’m a little peeved this morning. As number 1 son is leaving for school, he says, “You know… um… well…”
I think, Oh boy. What’s going on now? He hems and haws a bit more before coming out with, “Well, you know last time… er… um… Grandma K says you put up a… um… naked picture on facebook.” He looks totally embarrassed but I can see he wants – needs – to know if this is true. His mother is a internet “ho”.

I feverishly run through things I’ve put up on facebook – not that any of them are my naked picture, but of what could be construed as a “naked picture”. Obviously, I’ve done something heinously wrong here and the “moral” grandparents thought they’d better warn my 15 year old son! I haven’t put any … wait a minute.

No. It can’t be that one.


That one? It can’t be another – it’s the only one I’ve ever posted that’s had any sort of nudity involved.


Now I’m a little annoyed. Did she freakin’ READ the story (and the rant I left above my “share” of it???) that went with it? If she did, did she somehow MISS the important part about how we shouldn’t be judging beauty by size? Or was she so “morally offended” that she couldn’t bring herself to read the important part?

And now I’m really pissed. Whether or not she read the story about the picture doesn’t matter! She told my 15 year old son that his mom is posting inappropriate nude pictures on facebook!!! I’ve yet to find out if he thought the nude picture was of myself or not. Not that that matters either. The fact is she deliberately told him something to make him question my morality/ethics/everything. My kids are not allowed to have facebook pages. There is too much cyber-bullying and it’s unnecessary anyways. They don’t have cell phones or computer access any old time they want either.

It’s just another way to undermine my saying no to the boys going to their Mormon church or their Mormon activities or watching their Mormon videos/tapes/music/slip-a-little-brainwashing-in when they are visiting their dad. Grandpa K tells them all the time that he can’t wait ‘til they are old enough to make up their own minds about going to their church and dad’s new wife never hesitates to tell them I’m “stupid” for not allowing them to go to church with them. And there’s more they don’t tell me. It usually only comes out weeks or months later when they’ve had it spinning around in their developing brains all that time. Doesn’t make a lick of difference to the grandparents that we go to our own church and that our beliefs collide with theirs in too many important ways for me to allow them to start brainwashing my kids who don’t have enough spiritual understanding to fight back! I’ve armed the boys to the best of my ability but there’s only so much I can say to them at this level.

Then again, I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised about it. These are the people who have no “stops” on their mouths. What sort of grandparent tells a 9 yr old his dog was shot by hunters and proceeds to show him the body? I guess the same kind that tells their 8 yr old son to go shoot all the cats in the barn because there’s too many and they don’t feel like doing it themselves. Or fixing the cats so they don’t reproduce. Or, you know, something equally humane, like finding homes for them.
Since I didn’t hear anything about this for so long, I’m going to have to assume that he was told sometime over Thanksgiving weekend. That means he’s been stewing about it for two weeks, too embarrassed or angry to say anything to me about it. I also assume he told his 13 yr old brother, which means I’m going to have to discuss it in better detail when they get home this evening. Damage control again from these people. More and more often, I wish I could prevent them from ever seeing the boys again. I would say the boys so much pain and anxiety and disillusionment if I did.

Where is the respect here? Respect for me as their mother, as their prime caregiver, as a person? Where the respect of my explicit is wishes (in writing as well as verbally)? They follow the letter but not the spirit. They don’t take them to church, etc. but it is because I had to threaten to take away unsupervised visits. And they still never miss an opportunity to push something unsuspectingly into their heads – unacceptable praying (by the boys, not them. Wrong words used, not closed right, whatever.), strange beliefs told as truths – or to put doubt into their minds about me and my parenting or our beliefs. And on and on – ad nauseum.

I am tired. Tired of this constant battle against them. Tired of being ignored when I say something important. Tired of being trodden on by those who won’t accept my rules. Tired of the lies and half truths spoken about me. Some of the reason I left my ex was because not only wouldn’t they accept my boundaries, but he wouldn’t help enforce them either. I thank God for my happiness now. I thank God that the boys are away from this nonsense for the most part. But there are always battles ahead.

Bring it.

*I mean no disrespect to any readers who are Mormon. We may not agree on details but you are free to believe what you want. However, I will not allow anyone to proselytize my kids!!!*


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