lack of sleepI know it’s been awhile since I’ve been here to write. Its unbelievable just how busy life has been lately. Silly me, thinking life would slow down when the twins went to school…

And now comes the end of the school year when everything goes into overdrive with field trips and functions and plays, etc. And since we’ve decided to (finally <- that’s what everyone else says!) get married, I’m trying to get all that done too! Don’t get me wrong… I love the activity but, man, it’s wearing me out!

With my 40th birthday looming on the horizon, I’m starting to feel my age. It used to be so easy to stay up half the night and not worry about falling asleep at work or nodding off reading a book. When I was 20, I lived on four hours of sleep a night! It’s sure catching up with me now though. Watching tv becomes an exercise in checking my eyelids for leaks. Reading become the one-eyed squint. And even playing at crackbook – er, facebook – has become less than able to prevent my invariably drooping peepers from closing. Keyboard face is NOT attractive!

So it’s off to Disneyland for a couple of days next week. A fantastic and fun holiday for us – I’m pretty sure I’ll need to sleep for a week when I get home. Too bad I won’t have enough time! The week after is dress rehearsals for my dinner theatre every night. How about after that? Nope, I gotta get married on the next Friday and if you’ve ever done that, you know just how much THAT entails. Well, third time’s the charm I hope! ♥ No honeymoon but we volunteered to build the new school playground. Then there’s J’s dress rehearsals and play nights the week after that. We’ll have to leave him at home for a night while we take the trip into the city for our examinations of discovery…

Whew! I’m tired just thinking about it all! Maybe I should go have a nap? Nah, I gotta go make dinner…


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